Are VS2015 builds more verbose?

This is admittedly very anecdotal, but I’m curious if the Visual Studio 2015 (+Qt5, CMake 3.9.4) builds are known to be somewhat slower and much chattier than VS2013. For one example, while doing a build of the Slicer target within the superbuild solution (“Slicer” specifically, not of superbuild ALL), I get many lines like below for various other superbuild targets/sub-targets:

34>    Creating "x64\Debug\ITKTransform-all\ITKTransform-all.tlog\unsuccessfulbuild" because "AlwaysCreate" was specified.
34>  CustomBuild:
34>    All outputs are up-to-date.
34>  FinalizeBuildStatus:
34>    Deleting file "x64\Debug\ITKTransform-all\ITKTransform-all.tlog\unsuccessfulbuild".
34>    Touching "x64\Debug\ITKTransform-all\ITKTransform-all.tlog\ITKTransform-all.lastbuildstate".

This whole thing appears to be effectively a no-op, but we end up with multiple shell-outs to cmake.exe and file i/o operations each time (similar message shows up at least 400 times in the build I’m currently updating, with no ITK compilation actually done).

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I started an almost clean build of Slicer yesterday (VS2015, Qt5, CMake 3.10.1) in release mode, and it didn’t finish overnight. I had testing enabled (how foolish of me), but I kept ITK, VTK, CTK and DCMTK source, prefix and build directories from previous builds. I ended up cancelling the build, and opening the inner-build’s Slicer.sln and building that (so the rest of build would be parallelized).

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