Autocontouring the prostate


Could anyone recommend an extension to autocontour the prostate on either MRI or CT scan?



Following up on Sarah’s question, I wanted to highlight the current state of automatic prostate delineation/segmentation of the prostate in slicer3d.

So far as my knowledge goes, there is not any active extension that proposes this. However, publicly available AI-based prostate segmentation tools already exist outside of Slicer.

Potential AI-based pre-trained models candidates could be the official nnUNet-based prostate segmentation model, trained on PROMISE12 (Task024_Promise), or newer models, also based on nnUNet framework, such as the BAMF prostate segmentation tool, or also MONAI-based (prostate158).
These tools mentioned above were trained on T2W MRI images.

There is also an active effort to integrate dockerized AI-based pre-trained models inside of Slicer, such as the SlicerMRunner extension, from the Medical Hub (mhub) initiative.