Automatically create labelmaps for all values of the custom LUT


I have a volume that contains only values that are listed in my custom LUT (~70 different values representing anatomical structures):

I want to automatically create a labelmap, that would assign the values of the volume to the corresponding values of the LUT. Therefore I would be able to visualize the structures with their assigned colors, modify them or for example create a 3D model of all the structures. If I was to do this by hand I would have to manually apply thresholds and create a label map for each structure individually and of course I don’t want to do that. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!

In Volumes module, convert the volume to labelmap and select your custom LUT. If you import this labelmap to a segmentation node (using Segmentations module) then colors and segment names should be automatically set based on your LUT.

You can create a custom color table as describe here:

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