Averaging or Mean of two different 3D shaped models

Hello, I have two different shaped 3D models of Human Ears and I want to create an average /mean of them. Could you please help me out with the code or method to create it?


SlicerSALT was mentioned in a previous thread ("Averaging" 3D models) but I don’t have personal experience with it.

For a research project previously, I’ve used the GIAS2 package in Python to build a statistical shape model from a number of mandibles. One of the components of the shape model is an average structure. The only caveat is that I do not know if it will work with only 2 samples.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi, can you help me out with the steps on how to get an average for multiple ear sample?

If you have landmarks, this is doable through the GPA module of SlicerMorph extension.


In my project I exported my models as .ply files, and ran them through the GIAS2 pipeline, which is linked in my earlier post.

Thanks, I’ll probably go through them and use them as a reference.