Blank out surrounding areas outside of segmented regions of interests in volume


I am new to Slicer and I want to do multi-stages segmentation: 1. segment only lungs from CT images; 2. segment only vessels from the segmented lungs

I am wondering if I can load segmented lung mask (using chest imaging platform) and then only segment inside of the regions of the masks (using VMTK)? I tried VMTK first, but then it segments not only vessels but also a lot of surrounding areas so I was thinking if I do it in multi-stage, it might achieve better results (lung first, then inside of lung, vessels)

Many thanks

You can use masking settings in the Segment Editor to allow painting only inside a selected segment.

You can also blank out areas outside/inside segmented regions using Mask volume effect (available after you install SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension) as shown in this video: