Bonetexture in 3D Slicer won’t compute/display feature maps

I can’t get the extension to compute or display feature maps. I am able to get the actual feature set (numerical output for the features). Please help.

I had tried many times to follow the tutorial (

  1. choice the volume and choice “compute texture maps”

  2. I get the results ,3D Slicer won’t compute/display feature maps on the screen

3 I want get the results as shown in the tutorial:

plz help me ,:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: video tutorial is existed?

thanks for 3Dslicer ,excellent software!

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anybody could help me?

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I am upload a video about this , Bonetexture in 3D Slicer won’t compute/display feature maps

Is this topic still unsolved? Also looking for a solution.

It didn’t work with me either

Apparently current workaround is to use the 4.10.2 stable, if that’s an option for you.

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Tried but still do not get the color maps. However, it calculates the features.

That’s as far as I got out of it too. @Sam_Horvath may chime in, if it is possible to get the maps.


I tried the preview version of slicer 4.13.0 and it could display the feature map. The problem may be the incompetence of the stable version 4.11.
Hope this help although very late