Brain and skull segmentation

Hi Andras,
I segmented the brain and removed the skull. I now need to get some extra layer on top of the brain extracted assuming that it is a skull how can I do it. and another layer for the scalp as well on top of skull.

Thank you

Please describe in more detail what you would like to achieve and include a few annotated screenshots or sketches.

I have a single brain segmentation. I now need to get the skull segmentation and scalp segmentation without any gaps between the three segmentations. how can i get this. Can I grow a segmentation and then subtract it from brain segmentation. How can I grow a brain segmentation so it covers the skull and scalp as well.

Thank you

Saima safdar

Have you used the swiss skull stripper module

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Yes, Swiss Skull Stripper can provide the brain segment. Skin surface extraction is easy (see for example this segmentation recipe). Bone segmentation on general T2 MRI images is hard (bone is essentially not visible), but if you don’t want to have gaps between the 3 segments then you can consider “skull” to be anything that is inside the skin and not brain (and generate it using “Logical operators” effect in Segment Editor).