branch splitting in vmtk

Hi! I am fairly new to both 3d slicer and vmtk.
Is it possible to do the branch splitting in vmtk (link) with 3d slicer?
I want to create those spheres and know the coordinates of the nodes as in the picture.

You may investigate ‘Branch clipper’ and ‘Centerline disassembly’ modules in SlicerVMTK extension, that you can install using the ‘Extensions manager’. They won’t create the spheres though.

Should I download the ‘Branch clipper’ and ‘Centerline disassembly’ modules from link? I have already installed the ‘SlicerVMTK’ extension from ‘manage extensions’.

Not at all.

Type ‘Ctrl + F’ to look for any module by a part of its name.

If you don’t find them, you are probably using an old version of Slicer. Install Slicer Preview instead, specially for ‘Centerline disassembly’ module which is a very recent addition.

Hint: always use Slicer Preview.

Thanks! I actually updated my version of 3Dslicer and found the two modules.
Are there video tutorials on these modules?
I would like to be able to visualise the centres of those spheres even if I cannot visualise them!