Brief Introduction. Help needed

First, pleasure to be part of this discussion group. I am a newbie on this topic and struggling how to address on of the research someone has requested me to have a look. Objective is to analyze the likely progression of a traumatic brain injury based on some clinical attributes and CT scans with a expected outcome of Good or Bad progress training a predefined or custom CNN . So far, my understanding having a technical background in IT might be,

  1. Get all CT scans associated to each patient and linked them with clinical attributes (ageā€¦) in a CSV file
  2. Normalize and standarize data.

Several questions that come to my mind.

  1. How can I get features from CT scans with no masks using PyRadiomics. I dont really exactly know where to get them.
  2. Whats the preferred CNN to use? Any previous use case to address it?
  3. Dicom vs Nifty. Whats the best format? Should I use ITK for this purpose?

Any helpful hint how to start or any valuable guidance will be welcome