Broken centerline model with continuous voronoi diagram


I have been using the Extract Centerline module to extract the centerlines from some vessel segmentation. However, I have been struggling to get a fully connected centerline model even though the segmentation is all connected. In particular, I found on one vessel where the centerline model is broken even though the voronoi diagram seems all connected. I have attached a screenshot below, and you can find the mrb file of my scene here: 2024-04-26-Scene.mrb - Google Drive.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I thought if the voronoi diagram seems to be connected, it means the centerline extraction algorithm can reach those regions and thus the centerline model should extend there as well. Many thanks in advance!

Using ‘Smoothing / Fill holes’ with a kernel size of 0.3 mm, and using the sphere brush on the ignored part in 3D view, the centerline could be completely extracted, and the surface is not visually altered after smoothing.

Thanks! Do you mean using the “smoothing” tool from the segmentation editor as shown here:
Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 12.07.23

You are right that after this smoothing, the surface is not visually altered, so it was diffitult to tell what I have done. I tried the setting shown in the screenshot, but I was still unable to extract that part. May I ask if you used a different setting?

Click on ‘Edit in 3D views’ and use the brush in the 3D view to smooth only that part of the model with no centerline.

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