Build 3D Slicer for MacOS arm64?

PyTorch has support for using the shaders in the M series chips, but to use it, one has to use the arm64 version of Python. Should a native (in this case, M3) build of Slicer3D be possible? If yes, where should I get the 5.15.2 Qt package (for MacOS arm64)?

Thank you!


Support for a macOS arm64 version of Slicer is something planned though not for the immediate short term. If you have technical build experience you can try following the collection of work arounds to get something working posted in the following issue:

Some uses of PyTorch in things like TotalSegmentator are still not optimized for the MPS usage in PyTorch as seen at:

Therefore I can’t say for sure how much benefit you may get at this time.