Can 3D slicer reach transparency in volume rendering like syngo do?

it is crucial for vascular surgeon to confirm the position of intimal tear in aortic dissection even in low quality CTA

3D reconstruction from segmentation in this case sure can not provide a clear view of intimal tear

It’s probably possible to get similar volume rendering from Slicer with some work. But I would say that is a pretty high quality CTA and I would not expect you could get a rendering like that from a low quality CTA.

It looks like a basic volume raycasting with gradient opacity mapping enabled and surrounding stuctures cropped or masked.

Go to volume rendering and set gradient opacity mapping function value to 0 for low values. Also define a cropping region to get rid of surrounding structures. If you need tighter (non-rectangular) cropping then you can use Segment Editor and volume masking.

actually in a better quality CTA,intimal tear can be clearly seen through segmentation and adjust of transparency in 3D view,while in this case, 3D view from segmentation is a mess.

thanks,I will have a try