Can I control the display of cross hairs in a single view?

How to display the crosshair in a single view through the steps shown in the figures below.

Is there a corresponding interface through the program?

As a continuation of

have you considered using the “Crosshair” functionality instead of the “Slice intersections” functionality?

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hi, @jamesobutler

As described in the above figures, we want to get the effect of displaying crosshairs in a single view.


I support the usecase of @janus_zhu, in other moments we have wonted to have this fucntionality.


@mau_igna_06 Yes, the enlarged view with crosshair is more effective when selecting. @jamesobutler Please add this function if you can.

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The “Crosshair” functionality already exists when viewing a single view. Below is an image of the red slice view in a temporary maximized state from the four up layout.