Crosshair sto stay on slice after scrolling and slice intersections bug


I was wondering if there was a way to keep the crosshair on the screen while scrolling through a slice. Currently, the crosshair disappear when we scroll through a slice (when we go from image 1 to image 2).
Image 1 :

Image 2 :

The reason why I am using crosshair instead of “Slice Intersections” is because I noticed that some random colored lines would appear on the slices (image below) when using “Slice Intersections”.

All the slices are set to Orientation “Reformat” in the “View Controllers” module because if I set them to axial/sagittal/coronal, the volumes become rotated (note that the slice intersections now become good and there isnt any unwanted colored lines)

Could you please help me find a solution to either the crosshair problem or the slice intersection bug ?
Best Regards,