Can I extract only 1 slice from 3d input (use 2d param)

I have 3d image as a Dicom file which I want to extract radiomics only 1 image cut like a 2d extraction. When segment it on 1 cut of image series and save the image out as nrrd file its come all of the series and cannot use pyradiomics extract as a 2d approaches.

I’m not sure if I completely understand your question, but it is possible to extract features from a single segmented slice in a 3D volume. If you load the volume and only segment one slice, then feed it into PyRadiomics, only features from that slice will be computed.

If you also want the shape features to represent the fact that you’ve segmented only 1 slice, enable shape2D instead of shape, and set force2DDimension to your slice dimension (z = 0, y = 1 and x = 2). Be aware that the x, y and z are relative to the image acquisition plane, which is not necessarily identical to the patient plane.