Can I reproduction of change in body shape

Hi all. I want to transform OAR volume into smaller in order to reproduct of change in body shape.
Finaly, I want to get DVFs that shrink some OARs.
I think if I could get DVF from contour base DIR, the challenge will be solved.
But, in the first place I don’t know how to do contour base DIR in the 3Dslicer.
If you have other way to reproduct of change in body shape, please tell me that.

You can compute displacement vector field from shape change of a segmented structure using SegmentRegistration extension.

If you want to simulate shape change then you can also prescribe displacement at specific point positions and compute a dense displacement vector field using Fiducial Registration Wizard module in SlicerIGT extension:

Thanks for comment, Mr. Lasso.
I can do what I want with Segment Registration.
And I hadn’t installed untill you teach me about SliceIGT.
So,I think that very interesting tool.
I make an effort using this for my study.

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