Cannot find Slicer-3.6's SpineSegmentation module in latest Slicer version

Operating system:Windows 10
Slicer version: 5.1.0
Expected behavior: Segment the MRI Spine slice
Actual behavior: Cannot get the module mentioned in Documentation page

Hi everyone I plan to segment the Spine MRI which is used for radiomics analysis. I find a instruction on the page([Modules:SpineSegmentation-Documentation-3.6 - Slicer Wiki(Modules:SpineSegmentation-Documentation-3.6 - Slicer Wiki))but I cannot get the Module anywhere. Is there any automated segmentation toolkit or module can used for Spine MRI?

Thanks for your help

In general, the spine is not visible on MRI, unless you use some very special bone-enhancing imaging protocols. The extension you referred to above only segments the spinal cord. What is your end goal? What would you like to segment, for what clinical application?