Cannot get label layer and foreground layer volumes


I seem to get background layer volume but everything else is nullptr.
I can visually see segmentations and there is a labellayer present
This is my setup

vtkSlicerApplicationLogic* appLogic = vtkSlicerApplicationLogic::SafeDownCast(
  if (!appLogic) return theList;
  d->sliceLogic = vtkMRMLSliceLogic::SafeDownCast(
  if (!d->sliceLogic) return theList;

  layerLogic["B"] = vtkMRMLSliceLayerLogic::SafeDownCast(d->sliceLogic->GetBackgroundLayer());
  layerLogic["F"] = vtkMRMLSliceLayerLogic::SafeDownCast(d->sliceLogic->GetForegroundLayer());
  layerLogic["L"] = vtkMRMLSliceLayerLogic::SafeDownCast(d->sliceLogic->GetLabelLayer());
 // Some loop
      volumeNode = vtkMRMLVolumeNode::SafeDownCast(

Segmentations are not displayed using slice layers, but by they have their own displayable manager. You can change a segmentation node’s display properties via its display node.