Cannot import pydicom

In the current nightly binary, neither import dicom nor import pydicom work. Is there a new way to import pydicom?

Same runtime issue for DICOMPatcher, so at least it’s not just me…


Thanks for reporting. There have been several commits lately moving to standardized upstream python sources (e.g. see this and this). I suspect it may take a few days for the packaging to settle out.

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The DICOM packages are missing even from the build tree.

I’ll take a look. Thanks for the report!


This issue was resolved by @jamesobutler in this PR, and confirmed working in today’s nightly.

Thank you James for the quick fix! :+1:


It has broken again. I’m taking a look at the project dependencies again…

OK. To fix the issue, I’ve reverted the latest python package related commit (

Can anyone provide any sort of support for what I asked about in

PR is up to fix the issue

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1246 is merged.

Do you still need help with

The python dependencies still don’t seem to be handled as I would expect. Most fixes have been trial and error so far.