Can't get my extension's icon to appear

I’ve tried editing the following files to specify the location of the icon for TCIABrowser, but Slicer still shows the default puzzle icon in the menus:

Interestingly the icon and screenshots do appear properly in the Extension Manager. Any suggestions?

Looking at both the Stable and Preview versions of the uploaded extension, we can can confirm the icon is showing up as expected:

Yes, I also see it working in the Extension Manager. The problem is inside the main GUI of Slicer if you navigate to it in the Module menu:

Hi @Justin_Kirby -

You need to include an icon in your repo and refer to it from the cmakelists for your module. Like this:

Pointing to this:

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@Justin_Kirby It turns that that the call to the ScriptedLoadableModule base class was missing.

See BUG: Ensure module icon is set by calling ScriptedLoadableModule construtor by jcfr · Pull Request #65 · QIICR/TCIABrowser · GitHub

And this one is further simplifying by removing functionality provided by the ScriptedLoadableModuleWidget base class.

See Fix integration with scripted loadable module widget base class by jcfr · Pull Request #67 · QIICR/TCIABrowser · GitHub

Thanks for your help! It’s working properly in 5.6.1 now.