Cant load dicom data properly, loads very small in corner

hi, i am trying to import this dicom data but it loads only in the corner of the viewer and very small, i have included a screenshot but it is hard to see

here is the data
thank you so much to anyone who can help! i have tried YouTube videos but i cant find anyone else with this issue

I managed to get the data in by simply drag and dropping the one of the dicom images and loading it as a volume. This is not the proper way of loading DICOMs, it should really work with DICOM module, and given that even after patching it doesnt suggest, this DICOM sequence is ill-prepared, and not standards compliant. For example, I am getting this error:

For example, I don’t think this skull is couple meters long, which is what the data reports.

It sounds like the “image position patient” and “image orientation tags” are not set correctly. You can have a look at these values by right-clicking in the DICOM browser and choose to view metadata. If you are not sure why the values are incorrect then you can share the data set and we’ll have a look.