Can't seem to get the skull out of a MRI scan of a brain

Hi, as a project I want to get a STL file from a skull, but when using my MRI scan I can’t seem to only get the skull. It’s either the whole head (with skin) or only the brain.

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Are you asking about image segmentation? Can you describe in detail what you tried already?

I tried using the Segment Editor and set a Threshold and tried different presets in the Volume Rendering module, but I have not been able to only show the skull. Each time I try it ends up looking something like this.

On MRI, you can see the bone as a black structure. Unfortunately, that is true for air and ligaments/tendons. Accordingly, you need to perform a significant amount of preparation on the data to get a partial skull rendering.

I see.

How would I go about achieving this? (I am fairly new to the program)

It’s not really about the program, it’s about the nature of CT vs MR scanning. Bones like the skull are hard to image in MR compared to CT.

In that case it would be very hard (if not impossible) to be able to export the skull with this data?

aka not possible?

Right - with just the data you have it would be very hard to segment the skull.

I understand. Thank all of you for you help!