Can't write to file system from Slicer

I really could use some advice, not sure what to do at this point.

So we’re trying to write a zip file, for the user, to a directory of their choosing.
The procedure works on Linux and Mac, but not Windows.
The problem is, no matter what directory we try to write to on Windows, it doesn’t want to write to any of them.

Let’s say we try to write a zip file to the user’s home folder. The zip file gets created, but with zero bytes.

This is the error that occurs:
UpdateFileList: Failed to create directoryTempWriteoriginal

It looks like the error is being generated from here: vtkMRMLVolumeArchetypeStorageNode.cxx, but it’s not clear why it can’t create the directory.

Test 1: The user is able to create a directory to their file system outside of Slicer. Pass.

The temporary directory path points to an invalid/read-only location. Edit your application settings.