Centerline errors - help

Hi all,

I am having some trouble deriving the centerline from my stl. I have attached some pictures of the settings and the issues with the centerline when using the vascular modeling toolkit extension. Thank you so much!

The images look good. Let us know if you have any specific questions or problems.

Hi Andras,

Hope all is well! The network model for the centerline does not connect to the endpoints that had been placed. Is there anyway to have a curved line connecting the two endpoints in the aortic arch as presented in the first image there. The spiked triangle isn’t representative of the true centerline of an aortic arch. Thank you for your help!

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Mohammad Tahmid Ullah

Network extraction does not need endpoints as input, it provides endpoints as a result. If you want to get shortest path withina centerline graph then you can use model output and constrain a markup curve to that model:

Determining continuous centerline from a very large diameter vessel to a small diameter can be tricky, but VMTK uses a very clean, reproducible method to produce a meaningful centerline curve - see Luca Antiga’s PhD Thesis. Maybe you did not use the cenerline extraction method or the segmented part of the aortic arch was way too short (compared to the large diameter of the vessel).