Cerebral vessel segmentation


I was wondering if there was a method or a module in 3d Slicer to segment out cerebral vessels (cortical and/or subcortical) from a gado enhanced MR scan and to build a 3d model out of it. Is the VMTKVesselEnhancement module the appropriate one to use?

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Sure, if the contrast is good then pure thresholding might even work, but enhancing the vessels first could help.

Have a look at the segmentation materials:



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Exactly, the contrast we use in the MDTC is ultravist, or any other iodine-based as Ray Diagnostic apparatuses, with a dose of 1 ml/kg.

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Exacto, el contraste que empleamos en el MDTC es el ultravist, o cualquier otro con base a yodo como iopamiro, con una dosis de 1 ml/kg.

Great thanks! I’ve used the Seg Editor before for segmenting out electrodes based on threshold effect. I’ll see if this works for the enhanced vessels in the scans I have.