Change letter size in interface messages

Hi to everyone. Today I’m interested in interface configuration.

At this moment, the way I use to communicate info to the users is displaying text in the lower left corner using:

slicer.util.showStatusMessage("Editing completed")

And the result is:

My goal is make this text bigger, or display it in other stage with a bigger letter size.

Any suggestion or way to display text info? (I want to avoid using Python terminal and also I prefer not to use pop-up windows for that.

Thanks a lot once again :slight_smile:

That’s a standard Qt element, so I’m sure you can configure it, but maybe not in Python.

But you can also add widgets to the status bar, so adding a label with a bigger font should be easy.

Hi @pieper. With your answer and some tries I finally achieve my goal. I will add to the post my code solution:

# Import modules
from __main__ import qt, slicer

# Create the message
message= "¡Hola desde Slicer 3D!"
label= qt.QLabel(message)

# Change the Font and Size:
etiqueta.setFont(qt.QFont('Times', 15))

# Use the Object statusBar()
barra_estado = slicer.util.mainWindow().statusBar()

# Add to the StatusBar the Label

# Reformat the StatusBar

Thanks so much once again.