Change tickness in slice intersection


I have severals tracks in the vtkPolyData format that I load into Slicer 4-7. When switching the “slice intersections visible” option on for one of the model, a line appears. That line is too thin for me (I am preparing figures for a paper). Is it possible to set a thicker line?

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Operating system: Linux 64
Slicer version: Slicer-4.7.0-2017-08-26-linux-amd64

There is a thickness option (called Line Width) just below the slice intersection visibility checkbox in Models module Slice Display section.

Thank you for yours answer. I tried the Line Width option: I see differences in the 3D view but not in the 2D views (see attached images). Maybe I need to go higher than a line Width of 100 but i can’t. Is there another way to do that?


You shouldn’t be seeing any difference in the 3D view when you adjust slice intersection thickness. I think you’re changing the wrong parameter. You use version 4.7 and my instructions are for 4.9. In your version there is a “Slice Intersection Thickness” control that shows “2 px”. It’s 4 rows above the one you set to 100.