Colormap for static display of 12 bit grayscale images

In order to look at 12 bit grayscale images on a 24 bit RGB display, one has to interactively change the rendering brightness to see all areas.

There are “perceptionally uniform” color maps [1] that could be used to render such images statically. This would be useful in situations without interactivity, like reports or papers. Is there a way to use such a color map instead?

[1] like “viridis”, the new default colormap of Matplotlib 2.0

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Switch to latest nightly. It is stable, contains lots of fixes, and already contains these colormaps (Inferno, Magma, Plasma, Viridis).

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Ah - as a newbie I only just found out about the Color module!

I am currently on version 4.7.0-2017-06-22, which already has Viridis in there. How do I use it for displaying a CT volume?

To adjust color mapping, go to Volumes module and select a Lookup table.