Combine two CT volumes and generate a new dicom set

Operating system: window 7
Slicer version:4.11.0-2020-08-19

Now I am trying to combine two dicom set to a singe dicom set.

As you can I above image, I have two volumes that are Lower and Upper body.
What I want to do is to merging these two volumes and generate Full body CT set.

I tried to use the registration function but it was just registration.

Is there any function or method regarding this?

Thank you for your help in advance.

There are some instructions here: Combine Two Volumes From Two Scans Into A Complete Volume.

Once you have merged them you can export the result as DICOM.

Thank you for your comment.

But, how can I align two volumes? I can only see the one volume when I use a trasform. Do I need to preprocess before alignment?


You can put one volume in the foreground and one in the background and enable cross-fade between them to see both. Then you can use the Transform controls to match them up manually. If that’s not good enough and there is overlap between the two volumes you can use Crop Volumes to make two volumes that each just contain the overlap and then get them close manually can calculate a better registration using the automated methods.

@pieper I’m working on a similar project where I have two portions of CT data of the human middle ear. I wonder if there is a better visualization method to merge the co-registered images.
The top is merged and the bottom is the original one

I found this discussion very helpful: Checkerboard for registered MRI and CT of hip bone - #5 by lassoan (not suggesting checkerboard, but the description for either segmentation outline alignment or edge filtering and overlaying). Perhaps it will be helpful for you as well.