Command line conversion of DICOM images and RTStruct to NRRD

Hey all,

We’re looking to convert DICOM images and associated RTStructs to NRRD from the command line (actually as an automation in XNAT). Before we dig in, I just wanted to check on the state of the art for doing this with Slicer/SlicerRT. It looks like Steve was making progress on this via pyradiomics as was Andrei via QIICR. Are those the best examples for us to be working from? Or is there other code around that we haven’t come across yet?

Thanks in advance,

Howdy Dan -

Did you look at plastimatch? I’ve heard it works well and would be good for batches.

The SlicerRT based one you linked to was also working well for me. It turned out the data I was trying to convert was fundamentally flawed so I didn’t end up using it (something about the table being moved during therapy but not recorded in the files). Other than that I believe it works well and it can sometimes be useful to load the original RT data in Slicer anyway for QC before exporting the labelmaps.