Comparison of 3D slicer to geomagic software for volume change

Hello all,
Does anyone have insight into whether 3D slicer is as accurate as Geomagic software for calculating small changes in volume between 2 STL files (at the micron level)?
I have not been able to find sources comparing the spacial resolution accuracy and voxel sizes for my research purposes.
Thanks in advance!

It should be comparable, because it is really the 3D model is providing the geometry. I am not sure how you are calculating small changes in volume in geomagic. Are you subtracting one from the other?

If so, ideally you should get same answer in both software (within precision limits). But that’s a fairly simple test for you to do. If you describe what you want to do, we can probably tell you how to do that in Slicer.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am calculating changes in volume on Invisalign attachments, which are already very small to begin with (1-4mm height or width, some even 1mm) so changes would be very small. I am not sure which software would be easier to use and accurate for this purpose between the 2 I have available