Compliance with IBSI

Hello team,

I got a promising imaging biomarkers and I have to check their compliance with their reference values identified by IBSI. To do that, I have to specify the following settings in the parameter file (yaml file), so kindly, how can I specify all of them in the parameter file ?

Interpolation: Yes
resampled voxel spacing (mm): 2 x 2 x 2
interpolation method: trilinear
intensity rounding: nearest integer
ROI interpolation method: trilinear
ROI partial mask volume: 0.5


I don’t think ROI interpolation is supported, but setting image interpolation will be done by the following lines in the settings file:

  interpolator: 'sitkBSpline'
  resampledPixelSpacing: [2,2,2]

You can find example settings here:

You may also find this discussion relevant:

The linear interpolation for the image in PyRadiomics can be achieve using sitkLinear interpolation. ROI interpolation is always forced to nearest neighbor, as PyRadiomics supports multiple mask values, which can result in unintended change of label value when using linear interpolation with thresholding.