Connecting NDI aurora tracking system to 3D slicer


I have been trying to do some research online to find out how to connect the NDI aurora EM tracking system into 3D slicer to show a live feed of the sensors but I haven’t had much luck. I have downloaded the Plus tool kit but I am also not sure how to import the data into there. I am relatively new to both the NDI software and 3D slicer I just need help getting started.

If anyone has any experience with this and can provide a good explanation on how to do this step by step it would be greatly appreciated!

So, on the Slicer side you will likely need the SlicerOpenIGTLink and SlicerIGT extensions, this will allow you to connect to a running PLUS server that is connected to the NDI tracker.

There is an excellent set of tutorials on the SlicerIGT website: User tutorial | SlicerIGT

The U-03 tutorial covers the hardware connection basics.