"Constrain points to surface" feature

Operating system: 3D Slicer
Slicer version: 5.6.1
Expected behavior: My colleague has an older version of 3D slicer. In Markups → Resample section he has an option of “constrain points to surface”
Actual behavior: I cannot seem to locate a similar feature in my version (5.6.1) and was wondering if this feature was disable or moved? If so, where could I find it or constrain my landmarks in a similar fashion?

For transparency, I am very new to 3D slicer. Appreciate the help!

Constraining options are moved out from the resampling section to Curve settings section because constraining is no longer limited to be used during resampling but is applied to the curve continuously.

Constraining was also greatly improved: you can not only project the curve to the surface but you can also place just a few points and find shortest path on the surface (optionally taking into account surface data, e.g., to avoid or prefer certain regions).

Thank you, appreciate that information very much!

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