Contact of project week attendees

@Tina_Kapur What would be the best way to get in touch with attendees before and during the project week ?

Here are few options I am thinking about:

  • shared a google doc with list of all emails
  • ask attendees to join discourse (and we make they are added to a project week" group)

Cc: @pieper

Works for me. Can you create the group J-C?

Here is the group:

I cannot join the group (it says Closed Group)

Should be better know, I just enabled the option Allow users to join/leave the group freely (Requires group to be visible)

Cool. I’ve joined now.

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I think it’s a good idea to use Discourse for reaching project week participants but I think we should simply create a new topic (Project Week #25 announcements) or maybe category (Project weeks) that participants should subscribe to, instead of using groups. Problems with groups: messages are not public, so people who join the group later will not see previous announcements; not obvious how to send messages (you need to use the “message” feature and enter the group name); groups and messaging are new concepts that users would need to learn.

The category “Project Week” already exist:

Since the group is only a convenience to allow sending a message to all attendees, creating a topic Project Week #25 announcements make more sense. See Project Week #25 announcements

@ProjectWeekAttendees Should we delete the group then ?