Contrast Control in DRR Generation Module

I am attempting to create clinical-quality simulated XRs of the lumbar spine using the DRR Generation module. Unfortunately, my application prevents me from using the volume renderer for DRR generation.

I have selected realistic SID, SAD, and imager values, but the resulting images have very poor contrast. Here are two examples. I exported them from Slicer as .mha files and then converted them to .png files using ImageJ.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I am unable to crop the CT volume to remove some of the soft tissues because the coordinates of the CT are not in LPS (thanks @lassoan and @Mik for helping me figure that out). I can fix the original CT’s coordinate reference frame, but when I create a new cropped volume from it the resulting volume’s coordinate reference frame is not correct for the DRR Generation module.

Is there a way to threshold the original CT volume without creating a new volume?