Convert JPG to nrrd

Dear PyRadiomics / 3DSlicer community,
I imagine that the subject has already been discussed before. But, I couldn’t find the reference.
I need to extract radiomic characteristics from .jpg images, is it possible?
I tried to convert jpg to nrrd via 3DSlicer, and it worked. But when I call the Radiomics module, it only recognizes mask.nrrd (segmentation). Image.nrrd (volume) does not recognize.
Could you please guide me on how to accomplish this task.
Thank you very much.

If you open a JPG image and saved it as NRRD in Slicer, most likely it is saved as Vector Volume. I don’t know about pyRadiomics, but some modules work only with scalar volume. Try using Vector to Scalar module to convert your volume to scalar and see if it works.

ok, I will try, thanks.