Convert model to landmarks

Dear developers and users.

With Steve’s tips and guidance, at now I can extract intersection points between lines (centerlinesMR and centerlinesCT) and the plane with model type separately(with python script).
In the figure below, intersection points centerlinesCT and plane are shown green and intersection points centerlinesMR and plane are shown red.

At now, I want get BSpline transform between these group points. For doing it, I think that I must use “Scattered Transform” module. Inputs of this module should be of type landmark.

Now my question is: how can I convert these two models to two groups landmarks?

Please guide me.
Thanks a lot,

Nice progress @shahrokh :clap:

The scattered transform looks good, althrough I haven’t used it. For the next step, you can get a numpy array from the model vertices and then use the markups api to create the fiducials. I don’t see a simple script for creating fiducials, but this code may give you some ideas.