Could I edit qMRML~Widget in Qt designer?

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in creating a custom widget using the qMRML~Widget in Qt Designer, particularly the qMRMLMarksupROIWidget.

For the qMRMLMarksupROIWidget, I only require a slider to adjust the size of the ROI. Specifically, I want to remove all other elements and reposition the slider.

Is this achievable in Qt Designer?
If so, which approach would be more efficient: rebuilding the functionality from scratch or utilizing the qMRML Widget?

If you only need a single slider then probably you don’t need to create a new widget for it, you can just use a Qt or CTK slider widget.

Thank you for your response.

I created a slider using ctkRangeSlider as you advised, but there is an issue.
The style of the selected range doesn’t change as I want it to.

I’ve tried changing the color somewhat using the following code:

ctkRangeSlider, QSlider {
    selection-background-color: #427d7a;


But as you can see in the image, the gradient and border colors are still present.

How can I resolve this?