Create a new volume from other 3

I have 3 volumes:

Each one is a complete volume, but they have a better resolution only in one direction. When i render each one a full skull i shown but with awefull resolution
I need to pick the Sagital part from SAG OK, the Axial part from AXIAL OK and the Coronal part from COR OK to create a new volume. How can i do it?


This is a common question, but unfortunately there is no readily available tool or approach you could use to easily combine these three volumes into a single “super-resolution” volume.

See earlier related post here: Combining volumes - what am I missing?

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A quick idea that others who are more experienced in such matters will hopefully comment:

  • Create a volume that has the highest resolution in each axis
  • Fill in the slices from the other volumes in the proper planes
  • Use a fill holes filter to interpolate the empty areas (the boxes between the slices)
  • Downsample as needed

I agree with @cpinter, there are definitely things you can do to explore. But the key issue with any of the approaches to combining those volumes into a single one will be that you will either lose the resolution (or blur your data) that you have in-plane for the individual source volumes, or you will have inconsistent resolution in different locations of the super-resolution image.

You can check out this survey for the intro to the topic (I didn’t read it, but I trust the authors did a good job surveying the field): As the authors point out from the outset, “superresolution […] has been a very attractive research topic over the last two decades”, which says something on its own…

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