Create "heatmap" in slicer

Does anyone know how to create a “heatmap” on slicer? I am trying to overlay 5 different segmentations below and make areas where overlap occurs darker and highlight the areas where most overlap occurs.



I think what you looking for is the Model to Model distance extension and shape population viewer.

I tried using the extension but was unable to figure out how to do it. Do you know what specific steps I need to follow to create the heat map?

If segments are this much misaligned then closest point distance (computed by ModelToModelDistance extension) is not meaningful, because closest point on the other surface is not the correponding point. Therefore, I would suggest to try to align the structures and voaualize the transform using Transforms module (or export the computed transform into a displacement field magnitude volume and then use “Probe volume with model” to color the model by the displacement).