Create Model from Scalar Volume with highest resolution

I have a ScalarVolume with only two intensities (0,1) and I would like to convert it into a vtkMRMLModelNode. The steps that I follow are the following:

  1. In Editor (I convert it into a Label Map)
  2. In Model Creator (I convert the Label Map into a Model Node)
    My question is, how can I create the model with highest resolution(mabye the best triangulation)?

(I would like to give more information regarding my aim in case that I do extra work without needed.
I want to apply sitk filters to my initial model and the steps that I follow are the following:
vtkModel->vtkSegmentationNode->LabelMap->ScalarVolume->filter->ScalarVolume->LabelMap->Model – Does this process is what do you recommend or there is different workflow that I should follow? Because I have realized that at the end the model has poor resolution if I am not mistaken.)


I would recommend this pipeline:
vtkMRMLModelNode -> vtkMRMLSegmentationNode -> vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNode -> SimpleITK filter -> vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNode -> vtkMRMLSegmentationNode -> vtkMRMLModelNode

See a complete example (from segmentation node to segmentation node) in Watershed segment editor effect.

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