Creating mesh to save as .obj

Operating system: MAC
Slicer version:4.8.1
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Iam a new comer to Slice. I would like to create a mesh of vessel (from MRI data) and would like to save as .obj file for export in to modeling software. Can someone help me how I can go about creating mesh and save as .obj?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Nirotu,
This page could help you.

You can also use VMTK extension’s Vesselness filtering module for enhancing vessel visibility on the images. You may be able to extract vessels by simple thresholding of the vesselness image (followed by speckle removal using Islands effect / Keep largest island options; and Smoothing effect).

Once you are done with segmentation, you can export the segment to a Model node (using Segmentations module), which can be saved as an .obj file.

Hi Andres:

Thank you so very much. Is there a tutorial that walks me through VMTK routine?


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There’s this tutorial. It’s quite old and it shows an overly simple case, but it shows you how it’s done

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