Crop regions outside the radiation field of the DRR image

Dear Users and Developers

I want to crop DRR image with the Beam. To be more precise, I want to do the following steps:

1- Loading the DRR image taken from the TPS system (for example, RTIMAGE related to Med Tangent radiation field);
2- Loading RTPlan (for example, including as Med Tangent radiation field)
3- Cutting a part of the DRR image that is outside the radiation field (zeroing this region).
Can you give me some guidance?

Best regards.

Since beams are special model nodes, it is very easy to mask volumes with them:

  • select the volume that you want to mask (blank out regions from it) as background volume
  • go to the Segment Editor module to create a segmentation node
  • go to the Segmentations module and import the beam as a segment, using Export/import… → Import → Models
  • go to Segment Editor module and use Mask volume to blank out the volume outside the segment

Dear Andras

Thanks a lot for your guidance.
I can do it.

Best regards.