Cross-sectional image view along 3D-curve (e.g. vessel center line)

Hello all,
I would love to get a hint, if there is already a tool that allows me to display a cross-section image perpendicular to a 3D-curve (e.g.e center line).
So far, I found great tools for detecting center lines - but not for cross-sectional images along a curve.
My goal is to produce a video along the a 3D-curve.
Thanks for any hints or help to get started.

Have you extracted the centerline in Slicer or externally ?

In any case, if you have a surface and a corresponding centerline, you can install SlicerVMTK extension using the ‘Extensions manager’, and display a slice view perpendicular to the centerline using ‘Cross-section analysis’ module.

To make a video, you may need to record a ‘Sequence’ first, then the ‘Screen capture’ module.

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To get a list of cross-sectional images as a 3D array (that you can play as a movie using “Screen Capture” module’s slice sweep mode; or just save as a numpy array) you can use Curved Planar Reformat module in Sandbox extension.

Thanks… that will help!