CT brain import data

I tried to load a 1mm brain CT image, but the software hungs. The CT mage is in nrrd file format.

What is the total size of the volume? How much RAM do you have?
Does it work well with latest Slicer Preview Release?
Can you share the data set?

I have 48 GB RAM.
The CT volume has 512x512x256 (voxel size: 0.5x0.5x0.7)
I subsampled to 256x256x128 (0.9x0.9x1.4)
Both images I tested with latest SlicerSALT software, and it hungs.
Both images could be loaded without problems in Slicer 4.11.20200930 in Windows 10.
Yes. I could send you the image. How can I do it?

What is the operation during the application hangs? Loading the data or performing some special analysis?

You can share the data by uploading it somewhere (dropbox, onedrive, …) and post the download link here.