Custom module presentation : Straight Curve Gauge

Custom module presentation : Straight Curve Gauge

To core developers,

I wish to propose this custom module for inclusion in a relevant Slicer repository.

I am aware that it’s possible to propose it as a custom downloadable extension on its own. Before, I wish to know if it is felt a useful addition to the vast panel of Slicer tools.

Its goal is quite KISS-like : straighten a markups open curve and measure distances between control points.

It is primarily intended to quantify arterial stenosis by diameter in slice views, an activity that may be performed many times a day in vascular surgery. It allows to do this very quickly and thus saves much time. This is why I believe it may be useful to others, and hence this proposal.

The same final result can be obtained by drawing multiple markups lines on a single slice, or one single markups line that is stretched as many times as required, then calculate multiple values one by one. This is of course more tedious for a simple common task.

It may be further customized of course. For example, straightening the curve may be performed on demand, and distances are then computed on curved portions. It is not implemented because I don’t find a practical use case for this. Code quality can also be optimized, it’s the best I can do as it is however.

As for a repository, I think SlicerSandbox would be an appropriate home for it.

If you think it’s not fit for any Slicer usual tool repositories, no problem at all, it will remain available in my Github repository.


It sounds very useful to me. It could be it’s own extension as a start, but integrating it in to the Markups natively sounds handy to me.

Great, I’ll look forward how to do that, thanks.