Cut scalars from volume and model intersected interval


I have a volume and surface that intersets that volume. Is it possible to slice/calculate amplitudes (scalars) from volume along that instersected interval?

To clarify a little:
There is a vtkMRMLScalarVolume node with scalars and vtkMRMLModelNode. They have intersected interval. The are two possible tasks:

  1. get the nearest/interpolated scalars from volume and set them as scalars for model;
  2. set a window and at each model point and calculate some mean (median, standard deviation) value in that window. As a result I the calculated values should be displayed as model’s scalars

Have a look at the Probe Volume With Model module. It does your option 1, not sure about option 2.


Great! that works, thank you

I think the second option is reacheable through Simple Filters module:
I should be able to calculate filtered volume and after that cut amplitudes from that filtered volume.

The only thing is that Simple Filters doesn’t work yet with Scalar Volume derived nodes but I hope the PR will be accepted in the future and this will greatly expand my opportunities.