Dashboards and downloads expected to be offline on December 15th

This is exciting, our Kitware headquarter is relocating to a new building ! Worth noting that our network bandwidth will also be improved.

Network and servers are expected to be fully operational up until the morning of Dec. 15th. Then, some of our hosted services (e.g slicer.cdash.org, slicer.kitware.com, data.kitware.com, download.slicer.org,…) will be unavailable all day Dec. 15th while we physically move everything and complete the network cutover. We will set up a “we are moving” page warning visitors to many of our primary external web sites that we are temporarily offline for maintenance.

See also https://blog.kitware.com/important-update-for-online-resources-while-we-move/

Thanks in advance for your patience,

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