Decimal places in input fields

Can I increase the precision of input fields in Slicer? For example, say I want to rescale an image using the ShiftScaleImageFilter (Simple Filters module), and my scale factor needs to be small - say it is 0.0002311… I run out of digits because only 5 are allowed after the decimal point:

Is there an easy fix/setting for this that I am missing?


Temporarily you can increase the precision fields by hitting ctrl+ (or command + if you are in Mac).

If you want to make these changes permanent go to Application Settings->Units and change the precision of the length field.

Thanks! That solution works for some modules (like the “transforms” or “volumes” module), but it does not work in the “simple filters” module for some reason…

Interesting, which filter are you using, and what platform are you on? For resample, it works fine for me on Mac.

I see you are using shiftscale and indeed it doesn’t work. Can you file a quick issues report at the slicer github page GitHub - Slicer/Slicer: Multi-platform, free open source software for visualization and image computing.?